What’s Missing in Athletic Physicals 

November 12, 2022

As a sport parent, you probably have on your mental agenda to get your student athlete an annual sports physical, as required by the state athletic association. While this physical covers screening for some health deficits that may make playing a sport dangerous for your child, it does not cover the thorough musculoskeletal screening provided by a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation. At Play On, we think every high school and club athlete would benefit from taking that pre-season exam to the next level. 

We know from the research that many athlete injuries are preventable. The level of strength and motor control necessary to play high school or club sports, and survive them with less potential for injury, is something we can identify before they ever take a field. 

Schedule an injury-reduction screening or impairment evaluation, learn more about how their body functions, let us identify the risks, apply corrections sooner, and watch them Play On!

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Marci Curtis, DPT who owns and operates Play On Physical Therapy in Fishers, Indiana.

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