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We are dedicated to personalized, 1:1 care. Whether you see us for routine prevention screening or prescribed treatment, you'll spend the full session with your evaluating therapist, to better optimize your time to recovery and the value of your dollar. 

We believe in establishing a relationship, with improved levels of prevention as our goal. We would like to catch the little problems before they slow you down, but can still address the big set-backs when they occur. While no one can prevent all musculoskeletal injury and decline, identifying impairments early can greatly reduce the need for escalated levels of care.  

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  • "A few arm symptoms were keeping me from progress with my fitness training. After Dr. Curtis identified the movement and strength impairments that were getting in my way, she was able to show me and my trainer how best to avoid those in future. The advice and instruction was specific to my needs, helped me recover quickly and continues to help me avoid further pain and injury as I progress once again toward my training goals. I’m back on track and excited about the results."

    - Aaron K, Fishers, IN

  • "A few years ago, I was experiencing severe heel pain and diagnosed with tendinitis and a bone spur near my achilles. I was prescribed an orthotic and consulted with a surgeon. I spoke with Dr. Curtis, and she directed me towards a non-surgical option based on her experience. She found a local physical therapist who would work with me to evaluate and fix the problem. It worked. Five years later, I am pain free and and thankful for her expertise."

    - Denny L, Tucson, AZ

  • "Dr. Curtis has treated me multiple times over the last 5 years for orthopedic injuries complicated by my underlying rheumatological issues. She was knowledgeable about how both of these impacted my treatment tolerance and recovery, and adjusted things to meet my needs. She spoke with my fitness trainer and doctors to reduce opportunity for re-injury and to exhaust all options before referring me for a surgery. She also worked with me to regain my strength and motion after surgery, and I was able to return to work at my previous job. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Curtis to any friends or family."

    - Amy S, Daleville, IN

  • "I have come across many PTs over the years, and Marci is by far the smartest PT I have ever worked with. Most recently, she treated me during my pregnancy. She was able to diagnose my problem right away, and help me establish a simple and effective treatment plan that allowed me to be pain-free for the remaining months until my delivery. After having my baby, she helped me safely return to exercise. I refer all of my friends to see Marci - she is the best in the business and will work hard to find a solution to your pain."

    - Allison C, Fishers, IN

Orthopedic and Pelvic Health: Injury Prevention and Treatment

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