Off Season Training

November 11, 2022

It’s that time of year to prioritize post-season recovery and address problem areas that may have plagued your Summer or Fall athletes. A comprehensive physical therapy evaluation can identify and begin to tackle some of the movement, strength and motor control deficits that may be new or keep showing up for these players. 

As players progress in their performance and training, they often begin to hit barriers that require assistance. Continuing to load and push through, without correcting these impairments, can set them back vs. propel them forward. PT evaluation can address these barriers and find deficits they didn’t yet know were there. 

At Play On Physical Therapy, we can help. Don’t wait for your athletes to be sidelined to discover their problem areas. Encourage them to get an injury-reduction screening or impairment evaluation, learn more about how their body functions, find the barriers, apply corrections sooner, and Play On!

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Marci Curtis, DPT who owns and operates Play On Physical Therapy in Fishers, Indiana.

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